How do I request information about an incident?
We must receive your request in writing. To make the process easier, we have a form on our Web site that you can fill-out and submit to us. You may write your own letter or email as long as it contains all of the required information. You must be specific about what kind of information that you want, and you must provide specific information for the event to be located (address, date/time, the agency that responded, etc.)

Our mailing address is:
Spartanburg Communications / 9-1-1
Attn: FOIA Fulfillment
PO Box 5666
Spartanburg SC 29304-5666

Our fax number is (864) 596-2382

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1. What kind of information may I obtain?
2. How do I request information about an incident?
3. How long will it take to receive the information that I am requesting?
4. What is the process of approval, denial and fulfillment of my request?
5. In what format(s) can I receive the information and what are the delivery options?
6. How much will my request cost?