In what format(s) can I receive the information and what are the delivery options?
•Formats - Dispatch reports can be printed and/or put into PDF format. Audio files are saved as .wav files. Any information that is put onto CD media is done so for use in a PC and typically does not work in CD audio players. If you do not specify a preference, dispatch reports will be printed and mailed and audio files will be put onto a CD and mailed.

•Postal mail - By default, information is delivered to you using the mailing address information that you provide in the request. You may request an alternate delivery method (listed below).

• Email - If you prefer (and indicate so on your request), some types of information can be emailed to you. Dispatch reports can be delivered in PDF format and small, single audio files can sometimes be sent via Email. Before sending information to an Email address, the address and recipient will be verified. If we can not verify the address, or if we send a verification email and do not receive a reply, the information will be put onto a CD and mailed to you.

•Fax - If you prefer (and indicate so on your request), dispatch reports can be faxed to you in some cases. Information is not faxed unless (1) you verify - at the time it is sent - that you are standing by the receiving fax machine to securely receive it as it is transmitted or (2) the fax machine is your personal device or it is in a secure location (such as your private office).

•Other - In accordance with the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, you may be permitted to visit our office to inspect the materials of interest if you do not wish to have a copy of it. This is rarely chosen as an option, but is offered if you wish to only view the information on our systems. This should be clearly indicated on your request and requires some preparation to locate the information before-hand. Appointments are set at the convenience of our staff. It is also time consuming because the raw data in its original format is sometimes not easily understood and requires a great deal of explanation. In accordance with the SC FOIA there is a charge for preparation time and time spent by staff with the requester, at $20 per hour. If after reviewing files and recordings the requester wishes to have copies or recordings made there will be a fee for that as well.

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