How much will my request cost?
•The South Carolina Freedom of Information Act allows for the establishment and collection of fees, not to exceed the actual costs, for the search and preparation of information requested.

•Each request's cost is calculated based on the estimated time that it will take to search for and prepare the information; the costs of CDs, sleeves, mailers, printed pages, postage; and any other actual cost. All costs are actual or less, Spartanburg County does not make a profit on the labor or materials used.

•The current hourly rate charged for labor is $20. Printed pages are $0.04 each, CDs are $1.00 (this includes protective envelope), and postage is $0.44 for standard envelopes (larger or specialty envelopes will incur an additional charge).

•The majority of requests for information from Spartanburg County, on a single emergency event, cost less than $25 (for dispatch reports & telephone audio recordings).

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