How do I get a charge expunged from my criminal record?
Expungements (Destruction of Arrest Records) are handled by our Pre-Trial Intervention Office, 180 Library St., Spartanburg. Our office is in the basement of the building that houses Probation, Pardon Services and Parole. Anyone interested in getting a criminal charge expunged needs to stop by the PTI office to complete an application. We will check the applicant’s criminal record and let them know whether or not the charge can be expunged. All dismissals can be expunged. There is no charge for preparation of the order, but the Clerk of Court charges $14.00 to make the certified copies. Certain convictions can be expunged if they meet all criteria. The cost for a conviction is $250.00 to PTI, $35.00 to the Clerk of Court and $25.00 to SLED. We do not know what can be expunged until we can look at the complete criminal record. Once the expungement process is started, it takes 6-8 weeks before the charges are removed from the applicant’s record.

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