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1. What is an expungement?
2. How much does it cost to have a charge expunged?
3. Can I get a fee waiver if I cannot afford the fees?
4. Will a previous expungement keep me from getting one for a current charge?
5. How do I get a charge that was dismissed or not guilty in a Magistrate or Municipal court expunged?
6. How can I obtain a criminal background check?
7. If I completed pre-trial intervention (PTI) or the Alcohol Education Program (AEP), can I get my charge(s) expunged?
8. How do I know if the charge has been removed from my record?
9. Can I have my traffic violations expunged?
10. What if my charge is from a different state?
11. Why can't my conviction be expunged when it is such an old charge?
12. What if the criminal record check does not show what happened to the charge?
13. What is a pardon? Where do I get information from for a pardon?
14. Where can I find more information regarding expungement if I still have questions?