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Personal Property Proration Form

  1. S.C. CodeAnn. Section 12-37-735 provides for the proration of property taxes, but only if the transferor [seller] and transferee [buyer] agree, when personal property, required to be titled by a state or federal agency [boats, motors, airplanes, helicopters, etc.], but not including motor vehicles taxed pursuant to Article 21 of Chapter 37 and not including units of manufactured housing, is transferred. Understanding Section 12-37-735, we, the undersigned, agree to the following:
  2. I,
  3. the transferor, domiciled at
  4. I,
  5. the transferee, domiciled at
  6. assume personal liability for those ad valorem property taxes due as of the transfer date (sale date),
  7. on the following personal property, understanding that if the transfer date is not the first day of the month, the liability for property taxes on this property for the transferor extends to the first day of the next month and the remaining tax liability is that of the transferee.
  11. The filing of this document with the county auditor, any lien on the above-described property for the payment of property taxes is enforceable only for the collection of the taxes due. We, the undersigned, acknowledge that this document is binding only if this document is filed by the transferor with the county auditor before the first penalty date for the payment of property taxes. The county auditor with whom this document must be filed is that auditor of the county where the transferor's domicile is located, or if the transferor is a non-resident of the State of South Carolina, the county of the situs of the personal property described above.
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