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Equipment Usage and System Access Agreement

  1. I am employed by Spartanburg County, South Carolina.  My job responsibilities require me to use a personal computer (PC) or have access to the Spartanburg County computer network.

    All computers and computer-related products including but not limited to personal computers (PC’s), handheld devices such as palmtops and e-mail capable telephones used to perform County business, whether purchased directly by the County or using third party funds, (e.g. grants), and all information received by, sent by, or stored in such devices are County property. The County has the right to examine such information or use at any time.

    Due to the sensitive nature of the data contained within Spartanburg County’s computer network, I will not divulge my system user ID, password, or any other information about the Spartanburg County computer systems to any unauthorized personnel. I understand that the Information Technologies Department is solely responsible for determining authorization to access or information about the Spartanburg County computer network; authorization of access to other automated information systems may have additional requirements for such authorization.

    I further understand that software licensing and compatibility issues for other than approved County systems are the sole responsibility of the Information Technologies Department, and that I will not load software, install software, copy software or files to or from Spartanburg County computer systems without express written consent from my department director or elected official and the Information Technologies Department.

    I further understand that Internet access and e-mail provided by Spartanburg County is to be used for business purposes only. My department director or elected official must approve exceptions for professional development, educational pursuits or other limited uses.

    Any breach of the above agreement may cause to disciplinary action up to and including 

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