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Driveway Access Permit

  1. The undersigned agrees to install driveway in accordance with the specifications and all County and State ordinances and regulations that may govern this installation:
  2. Driveway Access To Be Used As: *
  3. The property owner (or contractor) must inform the Spartanburg County Roads & Bridges Department (864-595-5320) when the work will begin. The driveway installation is subject to inspection by the County. The applicant agrees to adhere to Spartanburg County’s installation specifications and to correct unapproved work.
  4. For County Use Only:
  5. Spartanburg County Driveway Access
    It is the responsibility of the property owner/contractor to install the driveway in accordance with the following specifications and any and all other County, Municipal and or State ordinances and regulations: 1. Property owner/contractor must place stakes 20 feet apart where access is requested. This will allow the inspector to inspect the site to determine the correct pipe size. It is the owner/contractor responsibility to locate the driveway to achieve the maximum sight distance to avoid a traffic hazard. 2. The Spartanburg County Roads & Bridges Department will inspect the site and determine the pipe size. This information will then be forwarded to the Building Codes Department. All questions concerning pipe size should be addressed to Building Codes. 3. Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) must be used. Twenty feet of RCP is the standard width for residential access. 4. The pipe must be installed straight, bell upstream and joints must be sealed. The backfill must be compacted and a 6-inch crusher run base placed and compacted over the pipe. 5. Installed asphalt or concrete aprons (optional) are the responsibility of the property owner/contractor. Asphalt aprons should be 2 inches compacted. Concrete aprons may be substituted on roads with curb and gutter and should be 5 inches (minimum) for residential. 6. Driveway entrance must be installed and approved by the Building Codes inspector along with electrical, plumbing etc. prior to final inspection being approved. 7. Issuance of this permit does not imply or constitute compliance with any other ordinances or regulations that may govern this installation.
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